Our Offer

MAVIE offers to Western technology companies
China market entry strategy services as well as financial advisory for M&A, Joint-Venture and other Strategic Alliances in China.

MAVIE Capital can invest in some of your China projects.

Licensing services

You need cash to fuel your clinical studies and reach your development milestones before you exit with a trade sale to a major Western player.  License out your technology to a Chinese player for non-dilutive financing and focus your attention on the US and European “must win” markets.

Here is an example of a licensing deal put into the bigger strategy of your company:

Joint-Venture, minority equity placement and M&A services

You recognize that China can help you increase your global market share, accelerate your product development and reduce your cost of good sold in addition to provide much needed financial resources. 

Find that magic partner and embark on a strategic partnership.

The "Panda" model

You want a Chinese rate of return on your investment and you are willing to invest resources and capacity into growing a business in China. Reinvent your company in China, take advantage of the Chinese innovation ecosystem and capitalize on the exciting China momentum.

Consulting services

To help you define & address your best China opportunity, we offer one-month simplified consulting package including China market positioning, China regulatory pathway and financial scenario.