A cross-border technology company builder.
  • Our mission at MAVIE is to help your companies to grow a solid business in China.

  • We offer services dedicated to Cross-Border China-Europe Technology Private Equity.

  • MAVIE was founded by two Entrepreneurs.

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​MAVIE​ is a cross-border technology company builder!

From 1950 to 1965, American investments in Europe went upwards by 800% reaching more than 50% of the total European investment. We believe we are now entering a similar period with China accelerating its investments in European technologies and brands. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for those European private companies with exceptional intellectual property to take advantage of the size and growth of the Chinese market and widen their game at the global level. 

The very many China’s private sector champions are looking to become world-class global players, adding global research, global marketing, and global insights into their organizations. Many of them have explicit plans to internationalize their top team, following in the footsteps of Lenovo, Geely, Huawei. They are looking to make organic investments as well as acquisitions.

While there are many opportunities, we observe many challenges. And the most important one being cultural. European and Chinese companies have difficulties to understand each other. 

At MAVIE, our mission is to overcome those obstacles and catalyze this new wave of partnerships between China and European technology private companies. Our wide and enlightened experience in leading cross-border M&A transactions, setting up Joint-Venture, raising up funds in China in technology domains will help both parties build trust, work harmoniously and win together.

​About Us

MAVIE is a cross-border technology company builder, helping on one hand China to acquire strategic European technologies and knowhow and, on the other hand, the European technology companies to grow a solid business in China at its scale and pace.

Our corporate partnerships with the leading European Private Equity funds as well as our Chinese business development operational capabilities make us a unique player in the cross-border Private Equity industry.

We link China and Europe by helping:

  • Our European clients to access to Chinese funds and Chinese markets,
  • And our Chinese clients to access European High-Tech SME and European markets.

At MAVIE, we explain and share the essence of words and ideas with each other. We focus on facts and confront each opportunity with a fresh mind and without any preconceived notions. Our experts bring real-world experience, hands-on involvement and the highest business ethic to every engagement.


In the current environment, even if you are a Small Medium Enterprise, you cannot ignore the Chinese market. Moreover, the size and growth of the Chinese market, if you can properly get access to it, could provide a sustainable playground for your further development. 

But the road to the Chinese market may be full of obstacles and dead ends. The cultural gap is wide enough to fall into, as many Western companies have already experienced. 

At MAVIE, we all have founded technology companies in China. And we all have brought technology companies to China. Our entrepreneurial experiences can help you avoid pitfalls.

We don’t just secure your intellectual property legally, but we build strategies that will intrinsically keep your intellectual property safe.

Not only we bring you the right partners, but also our bicultural team is on your side all along the road to help you achieve your operational and strategic goals in China in a serene way, leveraging our resources, our broad relationships with Chinese authorities and our industrial & financial networks in China.